"Many reproductions of armour are so ludicrously inaccurate as to serve no meaningful function at all. They are often worse than useless, betraying the art of the armourer, and conveying totally false visual information to the public. Your work emerges in total contrast to what is so frequently encountered as "reproduction" armour. Your workmanship and artistry show an impressive understanding of the true forms and nature of Medieval and Renaissance originals, and show a delightful accuracy in every detail. You occupy a commanding position in your chosen field, and I have the greatest admiration and respect for your genuine and uncontestable skills."

K. Corey Keeble
Assocaite Curator
European Department
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, Ontario

"...Your workmanship, attention to detail, and concern for historical accuracy are exemplary..."

D. Barry Agnew
Curator, Military History
Glenbow Museum
Calgary, Alberta

"...Your armor is quite handsome, and your sense of proportion is very good.  This is a quality I all-too-often find wanting in most modern work."

Mr. Walter J. Karcheski, Jr.
Curator of Arms and Armor
Higgins Armory Museum
Worcester, Massachusetts

"Your armor is the most beautiful reproduction armor I've ever seen!"

Hank Reinhardt
Museum Replicas Ltd.
Conyers Georgia

"I received the helmet today and it's magnificent! It is not only a functional piece (it fits well) but a work of art as well.  It is an exact reproduction of the late-Roman pieces I'm familiar with.  I'm proud to own this helmet.  Thanks very much!"

David Chatham

"I received the halberd, and it is wonderful!  You really out-did yourself... the work you put into the haft added an extra nice touch, and the metalwork is superb as well!"

Bob Reed
Company of the Wolf Argent

"Just wanted to let you know the axe arrived today.  Then I wanted to say; I knew I couldn't go wrong when I saw your web site with the words, "We can custom make any style axe head you desire"... You are a true craftsman.  This is a fine, strong axe.  I'm more than satisfied..."

George Sain

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