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Over the past ten or fifteen years, there has been an increase in interest concerning the Medieval period. Partly due to film and television, many are finding they have a keen desire for the romance and history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. As a result, there are many who dream of owning their own sword, helmet, or complete armour, providing a link with a long ago era that maintains an almost universal appeal. Unfortunately, real weapons and armour are very rare, found mostly in museum galleries, and therefore out of reach for the collector today.


This fact need not discourage you, however. Medieval Reproductions has created a number of unique pieces, designed specifically to fill that void. Each item offered is hand-made, and is an exact replica of an existing artifact, or carefully copied from a reliable piece of contemporary artwork. Years of research have gone into our pieces, and when available, actual artifacts have been carefully photographed and measured, to ensure our replicas are identical to the original.


While our prices may be higher than others, the quality is well worth it. Many of those who make replica armour today do not have the historical knowledge or the skills to give their work that air of authenticity (many so-called armourers have never even handled a real piece of armour).


We take our time, and carefully produce a piece that is as close to the real thing as we can get. We do not claim to use the same materials as Medieval craftsmen, but we do try to find the closest modern equivalent. Hand crafted quality and attention to detail provides our pieces with the look and feel of their Medieval counterparts. As a result, we are providing not only an historical reproduction, but a work of art that you will be proud to display in your home or office.


We also enjoy a challenge! If you have something in mind that is not offered in the following pages, let us know. We will be happy to discuss making it for you, and we're sure you won't be disappointed.

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